The Sphingidae of Southeast-Asia    


(incl. New Guinea, Bismarck & Solomon Islands)                                                   Back to start page           


by Jan Beck & Ian J. Kitching   





For direct contact, please email to (Jan Beck) or (Ian J. Kitching).



Identification requests and adding data


We encourage everyone with further information on the distribution of Sphingidae (in particular rare species) to share this information with us. If you send data, please be as detailed as possible to avoid any mistakes or misinterpretations (species, year and month of collection, number of specimen, altitude and habitat type of collection site, location, province/island, latitude & longitude). If possible, send a picture of the specimen (in difficult species). For larger amounts of data, any spreadsheet format (e.g. MS Exel) would be preferred.

Requests for picture-based identification of specimens should be sent to Ian Kitching only.


If you do not use email, please send mail to:


Dr. Ian J. Kitching

Research Entomologist

Dept. of Entomology

Natural History Museum

Cromwell Road

London SW7 5BD

Great Britain [U.K.]