The Sphingidae of Southeast-Asia    


(incl. New Guinea, Bismarck & Solomon Islands)                                                   Back to distribution patterns 


by Jan Beck & Ian J. Kitching   


Patterns of diversity and distribution: R-mode analysis

R-mode analysis (sorting species by common distibution patterns) of 308 Sphingid species on 38 islands (Complete linkage cluster analysis, Bray-Curtis distance measure) identifies groups of species with similar distibution patterns (see species list to identify full species names), while no good resolution for a higher ordering of groups could be attained:

Note: Ranges outside the Malay Archipelago (Peninsula Malaysia - Solomon islands) are not considered in this analysis. This causes some species to appear as 'endemics' of an island/a region, even though they are found elsewhere as well (e.g., M. fritzei & C. unformis are clustered with the Borneo-endemics, although they are widespread in souther China; similar effects occure on Sumatra, Java, Luzon, Guadalcanal & New Guinea).