An (admittedly extreme) example from 182 pages of email correspondence about hawkmoth records and their interpretation, IJK to JB:

“I have spent an age trying to find "Kouy-tchéou". This is the old French spelling for Guizhou (province), as you correctly interpreted it. I think T.P.'s interpretation of it as "Gaoqiau" is wrong. T.G. says this transliteration is just not correct. The only specific clue is "Lou-tchong-kouan". I did find a "Tchong-ngan", which it may be (at 28.5/107.5). However converting "kouan" into "ngan" is far-fetched also. Add to that the fact that "Lou-tchong-kouan", as "Lu zhong guan" means simply "the inn by the side of the road" and this could be a very small place. Nevertheless, I think a consistent ad-lib to 28.5/107.5 won't go far wrong.”

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