The Sphingidae of Southeast-Asia    


(incl. New Guinea, Bismarck & Solomon Islands)                       




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Dept. of Animal Ecology & Tropical Biology,                          The Natural History Museum, London                       Institute of Biogeography

University of Würzburg, Germany [in German]                                                                                                         Dept. of Environmental Sciences

                                                                                                                                                                                  University of Basel, Switzerland         

by Jan Beck & Ian J. Kitching                                                      



About the Authors



showing some really rare moths in his office in LondonDr. Ian J. Kitching is research entomologist at the Natural History Museum, London. His main research interests are the taxonomy, systematics and phylogeny of Sphingidae, their distribution, host plants and parasitoids (click here for more details and publications).


















Dr. Jan Beck has received his PhD from the University of Würzburg [Germany] in 2005. After completing a Research Fellowship at the Kuala Belalong Field Studies Centre (Brunei), he worked as a lecturer at the University of Basel (Switzerland) until early 2016. His main research interests are the behaviour, biodiversity and biogeography of insects, particularly of the tropical Lepidoptera. Click here for a self-updating list of publications (Google Scholar Profile).




















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